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Swayy is brought to you by myself (Rajya) and Clio. We’re juniors at UT Austin and started this less than a year ago. We never really thought of ourselves as entrepreneurs but rather identified a problem we really wanted to fix and decided to go for it. It’s been scary and rewarding, and we call Swayy our baby.

If you’re curious, we probably spend too much of our day drinking chai lattes and updating our Google calendars. We met while backpacking in the Galiuro Mountains for a week our freshmen year where we were literally picking each other up when we fell.

It’s been really special for us to have the opportunity to put our heart into something and see so many people excited about it and supportive of us. Thank you 🙂

Always feel free to reach out via email ( or Instagram (@shop_swayy)! We love you all <3



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