Our Story

Swayy is a platform that curates clothing and accessories from across the web and organizes everything by the theme you’re shopping for. We should all spend less time endlessly scrolling and more time doing what we love.

Besides saving time, we know firsthand what it’s like to not be confident in what you’re wearing or to feel like you look out of place. With Swayy, party-goers can find an array of theme clothing, select something they love, and feel confident when they show up ready to have a good time.

During our sophomore year at The University of Texas at Austin, we realized we were facing the same problem over and over. We had theme parties ranging from jungle to space to western and so little time to find something to wear. On top of all that, major retail sites didn’t produce the kinds of results we were looking for.

We would spend hours texting in group chats asking our friends what to wear and scouring websites for the right items. We were surrounded by women who worked hard in school, were involved on campus, and made time for friends, yet valuable hours of all of our time were spent trying to find something we could feel confident in. We soon found out it was women not just at our school but all across the country who were dealing with the same issue and trying to navigate their social scene in the easiest way possible.

In our perfect world, we’d want one place to find everything we’d need and for someone to have already done the selection work for us. So we made it happen.

Co-founders Rajya Atluri and Clio Harralson are juniors at The University of Texas at Austin, Pi Beta Phi sisters, and always on the hunt for a pair of cool sneakers. Atluri can be found snuggling in her Game of Thrones blanket (yes, really), adding important dates from her horoscope into her Google calendar, and eating tonkotsu ramen. Harralson spends her time drinking way too many dirty chais, being an avid member of the Michael Scott Fan Club, and geeking out about what’s trending in tech.