A couple of months ago I was looking for an outfit for my friend’s birthday dinner, and I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t either

a) Posted to Instagram one too many times
b) From the 9th grade
c) The wrong style/occasion
d) Way too small/big (and probably never really fit me that well)


Basically, I was staring at a closet full of clothes but had nothing I could wear (ok to be really honest, a lot of these clothes weren’t really in my closet but in a pile on my desk chair/bed/floor, but you get the idea). I found myself getting into this routine of buying a dress every time I had a formal or buying a burnt orange top for each game day. I’d wear these pieces, get pictures in them, and then be sick of them.

I was wasting money with each item I bought full price and wore twice, and I was hurting the planet with each item I threw out or shoved in the back of my closet, never to be seen again.

I started looking at lots of websites for renting dresses at a fraction of the retail cost, but most of the time, the rental price was as expensive as just buying another dress from a smaller brand (that was probably just as cute). On top of that, a lot of the styles seemed catered towards older women.

A lot of you might be in the same boat, wondering “How can I refresh my wardrobe without wasting my money and hurting the environment? Why can’t renting clothing be affordable and stylish?”

After trying to answer these questions for years, Clio and I wanted to try and solve them with Swayy. This month we’re introducing Swayy Rentals, a monthly subscription that allows you to rent clothing at an affordable price. The clothing selection is catered towards women like us, college women, ranging from theme party outfits to debutante ball dresses. Everything is sorted by occasion in the typical Swayy way, so you can show up to your event feeling confident.

We hope you love it as much as we do!