What to Wear: Semis and Formals

Picture this... You have a semi in a few days. You got busy with school and ended up waiting until the last minute to find something to wear. You’ve probably already worn your favorite dresses, and you’re having trouble finding a friend to borrow clothes from. Everything you find in your friends’ closets or in stores seems to be too big, too small, too long, or too short. And if you find something that actually fits, it’s too expensive, too formal, too casual, etc.

Sound familiar? This is something we’ve been through WAY too many times. Semis and formals can be some of the most fun nights of the semester, so why does shopping for clothes for these events feel so frustrating??

Our solution? Rent from Swayy! Everything on our site is uber-affordable (yay rentals!) and stylish. We carefully choose our clothes for you – college women – and won’t put anything on our site that we wouldn’t wear ourselves. Anddd renting from Swayy helps you save time because you can shop online and have the items delivered right to your door within just a few days! If you pay for rush shipping, we can even get you the dress within a few hours! Take note, all you procrastinators out there (You know who you are).

Sound awesome? Yeah, we know ;) To get started, just register for one of our subscriptions packages (learn more here), then choose your items. You can Lee these clothes as long as you want, then swap them out for something new.

Check out a few our "Semis" and "Formals" collections now!