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In an age of social media, we’re always looking for the next "new" thing. For many of us, once we wear an outfit, take a photo in it, and upload it to Instagram, we're much less likely to wear it as often. This leads a lot of women to turn to fast fashion to avoid repeating outfits and try new styles at an affordable price. We saw ourselves and our peers getting trapped in this cycle of constant buying & wasting which was hurting our budgets and the planet.  

We’ve recognized that there needs to be a better solution than fast fashion, and we hope to tackle this problem through the sharing economy. We love the idea of Swayy being a “shared closet” that can help women everywhere feel confident, connected, and impactful. Women helping women.

Join us in changing the face of retail to empower women and sustain our planet.


Team Swayy


If you ever want to learn more, feel free to shoot us an email at hello@shopswayy.com