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Get to Know the Founders: 3 Truths & a Lie

1. One time we both didn’t shower for 7 days.
2. We have the same Starbuck’s order.
3. We both can quote The Devil Wears Prada from start to finish.
4. We both want to name our daughter’s the same name.

**Keep reading for spoilers!! 

So, the lie is the third one. Before you start thinking we’re gross, let us explain! We became friends freshman year while on a hiking trip in the Galiuro Mountains in Arizona. We weren’t allowed to shower for 7 days while on this trip, so we’re not actually disgusting—we promise. Our Starbuck’s order is a grande iced chai latte with light ice, but sometimes we’ll get it hot. Each of us decided what we’d want to name our daughter (if we ever have one) before we met each other and later, happened to talk about it. Not planned at all! As for the lie, only one of us can quote the movie (Rajya, who’s obsessed with it) because one of us hasn’t even seen it (Clio).

Women Helping Women 

In an age of fast fashion and social media, we’re conditioned to expect newness. For many in our generation, once an outfit is photographed and uploaded to social media, its future wearability significantly decreases. For women like us, who want to avoid repeating outfits and try new styles, sometimes our only option is fast fashion. This leads to a cycle of constant buying which wastes money and leaves a large environmental footprint.

We’ve recognized that there needs to be a better solution than fast fashion, and we hope to tackle this problem through the sharing economy. We love the idea of Swayy being a “shared closet” that can help women everywhere feel confident and empowered. Women helping women. We are passionate about our mission to empower women and make their lives easier all while saving the planet. 

We hope you love Swayy as much as we do!

Rajya & Clio

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