What is Swayy? 

Swayy is a peer-to-peer clothing rental service, offering clothes that are new-to-you. Swayy users can subscribe for one of three monthly plans:

  • $11/month for 1 item at a time
  • $33/month for 3 items at a time
  • $55/month for 5 items at a time

During the month you can swap your items as many times as you'd like!

Sign up for a subscription plan here.

What comes in a Swayy box? 

Each Swayy box comes with your freshly dry-cleaned Swayy items, either 1, 3, or 5 depending on your plan.

How do I select clothes?

After you subscribe, you'll receive an email from us with a code you'll use when checking out. To select your clothes, log into your account, choose the required number of items according to your subscription plan, and check out (using your code). Once your selections have been made, your Swayy box can be delivered to you. 

When will my Swayy box be delivered?

Your Swayy box will be delivered by one of our runners within one week of your order being placed on our website. When you want to swap, simply make a new order and we'll coordinate a pick up and drop off time. Your old Swayy box will be picked up and your new Swayy box will be delivered at the same time. 

How does the Swayy local delivery work?

After you place your order on our website, our runner will text you to set up a delivery time to ensure that you will be available to receive your package. Once the delivery time arrives, our runner will meet you at your designated location and give you the box.

Can I do local delivery if I don’t live in Austin?

Right now, local delivery is only available to our Austin subscribers. If you would still like to receive a Swayy box each month but live outside of Austin, please select the standard shipping option at checkout. As we grow, we hope to bring local delivery to more cities and campuses.

How long can I keep my Swayy box?

You can keep your items for as little time or as much time as you'd like! When you'd like a new shipment, place another order, and we'll schedule your pickup and drop off time. 

What is a "swap"?

When you "swap" your Swayy clothes, you exchange your current items for new ones. Swayy Starter lets you have 1 item at a time, Swayy Standard lets you have 3, and Swayy Premium lets you have 5. With each of these options, you pay a monthly subscription fee. During the month, you can "swap" items as much – or as little – as you want. For example, if you are a Swayy Standard Subscriber and you wear all 3 of your items during 1 weekend, you can "swap" these pieces and get new ones for the next weekend!

How should I choose the number of items I want to rent at a time? 

Renting 1 item at a time (Swayy Starter) is great if you just want to try out 1 piece. For example, you might choose Swayy Starter if you only need 1 formal dress. Renting 3 or 5 items at a time (Swayy Standard and Swayy Premium) give you more flexibility to rent entire outfits from Swayy. With these options, you can plan ahead and rent multiple items at a time. This is great if you need a dress for your formal, a blouse for your internship, and a skirt for brunch – all at the same time.

Why are there two prices listed for the subscription?

Each subscription plan has a monthly fee (either $11, $33, or $55). Additionally, there is a fee each time you swap your clothes. This covers shipping and dry cleaning for your items!

Can I purchase items from my Swayy box?

Right now, we do not allow subscribers to purchase items from Swayy. We are hoping to roll out this feature soon!

What do the prices under each product mean?

The prices under each item reflect the retail value or the cost required to replace that item if it is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair.

Do I need to clean the clothes before returning them?

No, you do not need to do any washing or cleaning. We take care of all of the dry-cleaning for you!

What happens if I accidentally damage an item?

Swayy will charge you for damage to the item based on the cost of repair. If an item is damaged irreparably, Swayy will charge you for the full replacement cost of the item.

What happens if my clothing gets lost or stolen?

Unfortunately, if an item is lost or stolen, you will be responsible for paying the full replacement cost of the item.

How am I billed for my Swayy subscription?

The Swayy subscription is charged automatically to your card on file on a monthly basis. You can pause your membership or cancel your next auto-renewal anytime through your account page.

How do I cancel my Swayy subscription?

You can log into your account and cancel your subscription.

How can I upgrade/downgrade my Swayy subscription?

Yes! If you think a different plan would work better for you, just email us at to switch your subscription plan.

How do I sell clothing to Swayy?

You can exchange your items for Swayy credits, which can be used to rent items from our online store. If you have items that you'd like to sell us, fill out this form, and we'll get back to you soon.

Read our guidelines here.

How can I redeem my Swayy credits?

Once we have approved your items, we will issue you Swayy credits that can be used to rent items from Swayy.

What happens if the dress I want is out of stock?

If an item is out of stock, that means that another Swayy user has already selected it for the month. We only carry one of each piece in order to keep our inventory unique. When selections open again the next month, you’ll have the chance to add it to your Swayy box.

If you would like to reserve a dress or be added to the waitlist for it, fill out this form.

Can I reserve a dress ahead of time?

If you would like to reserve a dress or be added to the waitlist for it, fill out this form.

What if one of my pieces doesn’t fit?

If one of your pieces doesn’t fit, please contact us within 24 hours of your Swayy box being delivered. We will work with you to get a replacement piece delivered to you.

Can I make changes to my order?

Once your order has been submitted, you can make changes to it within 12 hours. After that, our team will begin putting your Swayy box together and changes can’t be made.