Q: What is a "swap"?
When you "swap" your Swayy clothes, you exchange your current items for new ones. Swayy Starter lets you have 1 item at a time, Swayy Standard lets you have 3, and Swayy Premium lets you have 5. With each of these options, you pay a monthly subscription fee. During the month, you can "swap" items as much – or as little – as you want. For example, if you are a Swayy Standard Subscriber and you wear all 3 of your items during 1 weekend, you can "swap" these pieces and get new ones for the next weekend!

Q: How should I choose the number of items I want to rent at a time? 
A: Renting 1 item at a time (Swayy Starter) is great if you just want to try out 1 piece. For example, you might choose Swayy Starter if you only need 1 formal dress. Renting 3 or 5 items at a time (Swayy Standard and Swayy Premium) give you more flexibility to rent entire outfits from Swayy. With these options, you can plan ahead and rent multiple items at a time. This is great if you need a dress for your formal, a blouse for your internship, and a skirt for brunch – all at the same time.

Q: Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?
A: Yes! If you think a different plan would work better for you, just email us at to switch your subscription plan.

Q: Why are there two prices listed?
A: Each subscription plan has a monthly fee (either $11, $33, or $55). Additionally, there is a fee each time you swap your clothes. This covers shipping and dry cleaning for your items!